Tele Control Plate, Standard Tele Plate; Tele Control Plate Brand New Plate Cut to Order, Standard Tele Plate Layout & Design, Huge Selection of Colors Available, Choice of Colors
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Tele Control Plate
Standard Plate Design
Huge Selection of Color Options
Standard Plate Style ~ Choice of Colors

These Tele Control Plates feature a standard layout style. We also offer custom Tele guards and plates as well as custom wiring harnesses and Dragonfire Pickups if you’d like to bring new life to your set-up. See the related items at the bottom of the page or let us know if you have any questions.

~~Product Highlights~~
*Brand New Tele Control Plate
*Standard Plate Layout with Standard Mounting Style
*Featuring Blade Switch Cut & Two Pot Control Holes
*Protective Product Covering (remove carefully after install)
*Included Electronics Shielding (shape & color may vary)
*Fast Processing: Most Orders Ship Next Business Day

Plate Color/Style
We offer many different colors and styles. Follow this link to see samples of our available colors and find more information about material styles.
*Standard styles are cut from multi-ply traditional pickguard materials. Unless specified, material layers may vary (impacts side edging layer color only).
*Standard solid styles are cut from single-ply traditional pickguard materials and do not have the customary side stripe.
*Other styles are custom single-ply solid, specialized material without a side stripe. Some options in this color category feature a range of transparent, translucent, shimmer, sparkle, reflective, and other special qualities. Contact us for details if these features are important to your project as the gradient varies between styles. Many of these materials are designed to vary in pattern, color, and style, providing unique outcomes for each project – expect variability.
*Most plates come with pre-applied aluminum shielded electronics area (shape & color may vary). Specialty colors/styles may have single or double-sided protective covering without aluminum shielding so we include a separate piece of shielding with each purchase of these styles so you can choose whether/how to apply it.
*Allow and expect color and pattern variation due to photo and monitor settings, natural product variance, and personal perception. If you are looking for a particular outcome or project color match, carefully consider your purchase as many of our material options are designed to provide unique project finishes and we cannot guarantee a specific look.

Bevel Style
Choose a standard bevel style or an unbeveled finish edge. Please see example images provided for sample finish looks.

Plate Mounting Screws
Mounting screws are included with your purchase. Select your preferred color style or “None” if you don’t want screws.

These plates will not work with non-standard components or systems. Reference images are approximations and not to scale; variability is to be expected. Ask in advance and we are happy to provide fit/compatibility information or make special arrangements if possible.

Allow and expect variation in color due to photo and monitor settings as well as natural product variance. Ask any questions regarding colors, materials, options, fit, installation, requirements, special requests, etc. prior to purchase.

Buyers assume all risk of use; sales are only offered to those competent to safely and lawfully purchase and use items.

Note that we do not recommend installation using power tools as these can put too much force on the product and cause damage, this is especially true for mirror and specialty style materials. Take your time for installation; do not use power tools and do not over-tighten screws or other components.

  • Style: Tele Control Plate, Telecaster Replacement Plate
  • Color: Choice of Colors ~ Huge Variety of Color Options Including Single & Multi-Ply Standard Styles as well as Specialty Options
  • Type: Brand New Tele Plate Cut to Order
  • Attribute: Standard Plate Layout with Standard Mounting Style; Featuring Blade Switch Cut & Two Pot Control Holes
  • Item #: 1161

Tele Control Plate, Standard Tele Plate

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