Rotary Switch, Rotary 5-Way Pickup Selector Switch
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Dragonfire Rotary Switch
Rotary 5-Way Pickup Selector Switch

This 5-Way Rotary Switch allows for numerous wiring mods, customization, and performance possibilities. Typically, we only recommend this switch for users familiar with the installation, operation, and wiring requirements.

~~Product Highlights~~
*5 Position Rotary Switch
*24 Terminals
*Uses Standard Sized Knobs (Split Shaft Style)
--Standard Strat, Dome, or Tele Knob Styles
*Mounting Hardware Included (2 Nuts + 1 Washer)
*On-On-On-On-On Style

~~Approximate Measurements~~
*Overall Height: 48mm
*Cavity Insertion Depth: 28mm
*Shaft Width: 6mm
*Overall Length x Width: 35mm x 25mm

~~Purchase Notes~~
INSTRUCTIONS FOR INSTALLATION ARE NOT INCLUDED. Due to the vast and varied nature of possible set-ups, we do not provide specific information or diagrams for installation. You should be able to use basic knowledge of wiring and/or your own diagram/instructions to install. Installation requires soldering. We do not provide technical or any other type of support for installation, configuration, modification, or use of this item. Do not purchase if you are unsure of your ability to successfully complete installation.

CONTACT US PRIOR TO PURCHASE if you have any questions or concerns regarding color, pattern, fit, materials, installation requirements, compatibility with your instrument, measurements provided, or anything else.

INSPECT YOUR ORDER CAREFULLY UPON RECEIPT for any shipping damage, fit on your guitar, and general appearance. DO NOT use, modify or install the product if anything does not meet with your approval for any reason. We pledge to address any problems or concerns you have PRIOR to installation.

  • Style: Rotary 5-Way Pickup Selector Switch
  • Features: 5 Position Rotary Switch w/ 24 Terminals
  • Type: Dragonfire Rotary Switch
  • Attribute: Uses Standard Sized Knobs ~ Split Shaft Style ~ Mounting Hardware Included
  • Item #: 1163

Rotary Switch, Rotary 5-Way Pickup Selector Switch

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