Pro Series Pickguard DFDG, SSS Prewired / Loaded Guard w/ Active AlNiCo Strat Pickups, Custom cut and designed loaded prewired pickguard, included BCU & EXP onboard effects + 7-Way Switching, Choice of Colors
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Dragonfire Pro-Series SSS Pickguard
DFDG, DF-SA with EXP & BCU Onboard Effects
Single-Single-Single Prewired / Loaded Guard
7-Way Switching Performance Built In

Choice of Pickup & Guard Colors
Choice of Styles & Additional Wiring Options
Custom Built to Order Prewired Guard
Featuring Dragonfire SA Active AlNiCo A5 Pickups

This is one of our most popular Pro-Series pickguards. The quality of sound and versatility you get with this amazingly affordable set-up is truly impressive. Great for blues, rock and country, the Dragonfire active single coil alnico pickups in this guard produce a warm vintage Strat tone plus that single coil swagger you love. You can get the power and clarity of active pickups without the 60-cycle hum along with a built-in bypass for the EXP & BCU Onboard Effects to put you squarely in control. The EXP (Expand to Peak Controller) Control boosts lows & highs while scooping mids and the BCU (Band Control Unit) provides and controls "fat" richness & warmth.

We are proud to offer the most versatile and unique loaded guard builds and configurations anywhere. Using any of our signature pickups, you can create exactly what you want to fit your playing needs and performance style. From standard to extremely customized wiring and layouts, you can get just what you need to make your playing come to life! All wiring is done in house, customized just for you to create your ideal guard.

All our selection options for this product are offered in the drop-down menus. Check product images/examples and read descriptions carefully. Orders are cut and wired to your specs and may not look the same as sample images provided. Your choices will determine the ultimate build details. We reserve the right to make substitutions as the selections you make, addition of effects/upgrades, and other choices for your custom guard may necessitate component and/or layout style changes. Let us know if you have any questions.

For this build, the control layout is as follows:
*Push-Pull Small 25K Pot (controls 7-Way) for Master Volume Control with Knob Labeled “Volume” in Position 1
*EXP Effect Control Knob Labeled “Tone” in Position 2
*BCU Effect Control Knob Labeled “Tone” in Position 3
*Blade / Lever Style 5-Way Sealed Switch
*Optional Upgrades as Selected (Kill Switch & Solderless Connection Styles are Available)

This build also features built-in 7-way switching to extend your playing mastery with 7 way performance providing great tonal variation possibilities. 7-Way Switching is a wiring modification and is offered in this build via a push-pull style volume pot replacement. In conjunction with a 5-way blade switch, you’ll engage the volume pot to access the 7-way functionality. 7-Way Switching works as follows.
Standard Strat 5-Way Switching (without engaging the 7-way mod) gives you the following position selection options.
*Position 1 – Bridge Only
*Position 2 – Middle & Bridge Combined
*Position 3 – Middle Only
*Position 4 – Middle & Neck Combined
*Position 5 – Neck Only
In addition to the standard 5 Way Switching options, 7-Way Switching (accessed by engaging the 7-way via your volume pot), provides the following two bonus options to give you a total of seven different position options.
*Position 4 – Bridge, Middle & Neck Combined
*Position 5 – Bridge & Neck Combined (No Middle)

~~Build & Guard Details~~
*Customized Prewired Pickguard, Fender® Replacement
*Standard USA & MEX/MIM 2002 & Newer Style Fit
*Standard 11-Hole Guard Mounting Pattern
*Standard (not Floyd Rose) Trem Cut Style
*Protective Film Surface Cover (remove after install)
*Aluminum Shielded Electronics Area (shape/color may vary)
(Specialty Color/Material Guards May Not Have Shielding Pre-Applied)
*3 Matched Dragonfire Active SA Alnico Strat Pickups
*Prewired Battery Clip
*7-Way Switching Functionality
*Stereo Input Jack
*EXP (Expand to Peak Controller) Onboard Effect
*BCU (Band Control Unit) Onboard Effect
*Standard Sealed Style Switch
*Guard Color Samples HERE

~~Installation Information~~
Standard installation time is 20-30 minutes (including string change). Everything is prewired for you and ready for final installation. Soldering of your input jack is required for installation on your guitar. Please note that your guitar may have a bridge ground; DO NOT connect the bridge ground to this self-contained prewired guard. There are no diagrams or installation instruction included with purchase beyond what is provided in this listing information. This information will help you with the correct installation of this guard. However, we do not recommend this item for those without experience as installation requires knowledge of proper methods and techniques. Please do not purchase if you are unsure of your ability to install.

Steps to complete installation:
1) The best place for the battery is tucked between the controls and the switch. To achieve correct placement, first wrap your battery (not included) in electrical tape (not included) to prevent contact with the metal of the controls or the switch. Your loaded guard has been wired to optimize this placement.
2) We wire the jack for you. You'll need to unsolder the prewired connections in order to thread the wires through your channel. We purposefully wire these in advance so you can see exactly how these need to be connected. Before you unsolder these jack connections on your new prewired pickguard, take a picture and keep notes so that you can resolder correctly after pushing the wires through your channel.
3) Your battery will operate all your active electronics. A low battery will make your guitar sound weak and distorted. We recommend changing your battery every few string changes, according to your playing needs and preferences. Please keep records regarding installation for future battery changes. Remember to unplug your guitar when not in use; doing so will help your battery last longer.
4) Using your 7-Way Switch: The Volume pot is a push/pull pot. When the pot is down, it works just like a regular Strat. With the switch in the neck position, pull the pot up. Now you have the bridge/neck pickups on. In position 4 (middle and neck), pull the switch up to engage all 3 pickups.

Take your time for installation; do not use power tools and do not over-tighten screws or other components. If you are unsure of your ability to successfully install this item, please do not purchase.

Please contact us with any questions or special requests by messaging us directly at

~~Purchase Notes~~
Please check your instrument and set-up needs carefully to see if this item will work for you.

Buyers assume all risk of use; sales are only offered to those competent to safely and lawfully purchase and use items.

These guards will not fit anything other than specifically noted compatible models. They will not work with non-standard components or systems. Guards are not guaranteed to fit “Squiers” and will not fit “Deluxe” “Light” any Artist Series or Reissue, or anything else other than “Fender® Standard” model guitars in the years and configuration noted. Non-standard selections may require body modifications. Contact us prior to purchase if you have any questions regarding fit.

Your selections are your own – we will create your guard to order per your specifications so please know your needs prior to purchase.

Depending on your set-up, you may require adjustment. Ask in advance and we are happy to provide fit/compatibility information or make special arrangements if possible. Do not buy if you are unsure of your requirements, needs, or ability to make any required adjustments.

Allow and expect variation in color due to photo and monitor settings as well as natural product variance. Color, sound, performance or other descriptions are subjective as well as generic in nature. Your outcome will vary based on many factors, most importantly your own skill, style, and experience. Color descriptions indicate color only, not material. We do not recommend purchasing if you are looking for a particular outcome or are trying to match an existing color/theme on your guitar.

  • Style: Dragonfire SSS Prewired / Loaded Guard
  • Pickguard: Custom Designed and Cut Pickguard
  • Pickup Style: Active AlNiCo Strat Pickups, Dragonfire SA
  • Color: Choice of Pickguard and Pickup Colors
  • Fit: 2002 & Newer USA & MEX Fender Standard
  • Features: Active Performance for Varying Playing Needs and Performance Styles
  • Type: Strat / Three Single Size SSS Pickguard
  • Attribute: Included EXP & BCU Onboard Effects w/ 7-Way Switching
  • Item #: 352

Prewired SSS Strat Guard, Loaded DFDG Active AlNiCo w/ Upgrades

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