Prewired One Hum Pickguard, Phat Screamer
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Dragonfire Signature Series Prewired One Humbucker Loaded Strat Pickguard, featuring a Dragonfire Phat Screamer Pickup.

Prewired on a One Humbucker (1H, One Hum, H) Standard Strat Pickguard cut for one humbucker at the bridge. This pickguard features a shielded electronics area and 11-hole mounting pattern to fit U.S. & Mexican (2002 & newer) Standards. Find guard color samples HERE.

Phat Screamers are the pickup for loud, aggressive music. Wound around ceramic magnets to roughly 17.5K on the bridge, these pickups will help your guitar scream. The Phats use oversized poles that look cool and allow for more articulate bends, pulls, and fast leads. Notes will ring off the fretboard like never before. And, of course, with the Phat bottom end and the Screaming highs, your playing will definitely cut through the mix!

We are proud to offer the most versatile and unique builds available anywhere. All wiring is done in house, customized just for you. Let us know the options and colors you want and we will create your dream guard! Installation is quick & easy - just solder your input jack and bridge ground.

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Prewired One Hum Guard, Loaded Phat Screamer Humbucker Pickguard

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