Prewired Strat Pickguard HSH Phat Screamers
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Dragonfire Prewired Pickguard, Strat, HSH-Phat Screamers.

Prewired on a Fender U.S./Mexican retrofit pickguard. See guard color details here.

Matched set of Dragonfire Screamers (bridge and neck). The Phat Screamers are the ultimate humbucker for high output and clarity. Wound a hair more than our regular screamers, the Phat's are the pickup for loud aggressive music!

Wound around ceramic magnets to an ear piercing 17.5K on the bridge and 8.8K on the neck, they will make your guitar scream.  In the middle we added one of our Phat Single Coils wound at roughly 5.4K to the mix.  The oversized poles are the not-so-hidden secret of the Phats. They look cool and the larger poles allow for your bends, pulls, and fast leads for a more articulate sound. Notes will ring off the fretboard like never before.

With the "Phat" bottom end and "Screaming" highs, your playing will definitely cut through the mix. For everything from Country to Metal, the Screamers can do it. If you are looking for output without the mud, you found the right tool for the job. Just solder your input jack and bridge ground.

Your choice of pickguard and pickup colors. Upgrade with enhanced circuits and wiring options for the ultimate experience!

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Prewired HSH Pickguard, Loaded Phat Screamers Wired Strat Guard

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