Prewired Strat Pickguard HSH Hexbuckers, Black
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Dragonfire Prewired 2 Humbucker Pickguard, Strat, HSH-Hexbuckers.

Prewired on a Fender U.S./Mexican retrofit pickguard. Matched set of 2 Dragonfire Hexbuckers (bridge and neck).

The Hexbuckers are the ultimate for dialing in your string attack. A total of 30 adjustable hex poles! Wound around ceramic magnets to a staggering 16.9K on the bridge and 8.3K on the neck. In the middle, we added one of our Hexbucker Single Coild to the mix. Just solder your input jack and bridge ground and you are ready to go.

Your choice of pickup and pickguard colors!

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Prewired HSH Pickguard, Loaded Hex Humbucker-Single-Humbucker

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