Prewired Strat Pickguard HH Screamers, Chrome Mirror
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Dragonfire Prewired HH (Humbucker-Humbucker) Loaded Strat Pickguard

Prewired on a Fender U.S./Mexican retrofit pickguard. Find guard sample colors HERE.

Screamers are the ultimate humbucker for high output and clarity. Wound around ceramic magnets to a staggering 16.9K (roughly) on the bridge and 8.3K (roughly) on the neck, they will make your guitar thrive. For everything from Country to Metal, this Hum-Hum Loaded Screamer Set-Up can do it.

Looking for output without the mud? You found the solution! Installation is simple - just solder your input jack and bridge ground. 

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Prewired HH Pickguard, Loaded Screamer Humbuckers

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