LP PUSH-PULL Control Pot ~ LARGE ExtraLong BrassShaft XLBS A500K
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LP Push-Pull Control Pot, Large/Quarter Size
Extra Long Brass Shaft, DPDT Pot
Split Shaft XLBS Pot for Gibson Les Pauls
Audio Style 500K Pot (A500K)

For an easy modification or upgrade that produces noticeable results, this push pull LP control pot is a great option. This is an Audio Style 500K Pot (aka “A Pot” or “Aud Pot”). Most players will be able to gain a more precise response to manipulation with these pots. These will work with most coarse knurled, 18-spline style knobs.

This large, extra-long, split-shaft control pot and mounts through the body and ground plate of most LPs. The included hex mounting nuts give you the ability to adjust your height. Of course, your set-up may be different and you may require additional nuts or lock washers (not included). Be sure to check your requirements in relation to the measurements provided for this item. Ask any fit or compatibility questions prior to purchase.

*Large Pot (Quarter Size)
*DPDT Switch Style (6 Poles)
*Double Pole, Double Throw Style
*3 Soldering Tabs/Lugs
*Extra Long Shaft Style Body/Plate Mount
*Split Shaft 18 Spline Style
*Brass Bushing
*Smooth Operation ~ Gradual Gain/Loss
*Tolerance: +/- 10%

*Shaft Length: 30mm
*Pot Diameter: 24mm
*Overall Pot Height: 55mm
*Threaded Bushing Height: 21mm
*Required Hole Diameter: 10mm
*Mounting Nut Diameter: 10mm (inner) & 13mm (outer)
*Mounting Nut Depth: 2mm
*Washer Diameter: 10mm (inner) & 17mm (outer)
*Cavity Depth Required: 28mm
Measurements provided are approximations; variability is to be expected. Ask any questions prior to purchase.

*1 Control Pot
*1 Standard Flat Washer
*2 Hex Mounting Nuts
Nothing else is included. Additional images may be provided for reference and comparison purposes only.

Buyers assume all risk of use; sales are only offered to those competent to safely and lawfully purchase and use items.
ASK ANY QUESTIONS PRIOR TO PURCHASE. Instructions for installation are NOT INCLUDED or provided.
Inspect your order upon receipt; we pledge to address any issues PRIOR to installation.

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LP PUSH-PULL Control Pot ~ LARGE ExtraLong BrassShaft XLBS A500K

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