Frankie Kit - Guitar Hobby Special Combo Package
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Frankie Kit
Package Combination Special
Guitar Hobbyist Kit

You asked for it – we answered! Here’s a kit for all of you out there wanting to put together a unique, yet classic, guitar. Everything we offer for this particular kit in one convenient package. Grab your wood, reflectors, and other miscellaneous accessories to get started!

Be sure to click on the “Related Items” links below for more detailed component information. Check your measurements and ask any questions before you buy. If you are not familiar with this project or the details related, we wouldn’t recommend purchasing this special kit because there are specialized included items as well as excluded items or adjustments to kit properties for this particular project kit. We provide the item numbers for everything in this kit so you can find more details or put together your own kit if you’re doing a different type of project. Please let us know if you have any questions.

1 Specialized Prewired Pickguard
1 Screamer Humbucker (Bridge) Pickup (Item 10106)
1 Standard Single Coil (Neck) Pickup (Item 40124)
1 OFR Trem System (Item 2127)
1 String Retainer Bar (Item 2076)
1 Neckplate (Item 2068)
1 Set of Tuners (Item 2146)
1 Jack (Item 2047) with Jackplate (Item 2065)
1 FCS Switch (Item 20010)
1 Strat Tone Knob (Item 10302)
3 Pickguard Mounting Screws (Item 2056)

*HSS Pickguard + 3 Mounting Screws (Chrome)
--Prepared/shipped intact - cut it up!
*1 Control Knob (in Position 1.5 between standard Position 1 & 2)
--White knob with gold “TONE” & numbers
--Dirty it up to get your “aged” look!
*Fender Custom Shop Blade Switch + 2 Mounting Screws (Chrome)
--Installed for shipping - remove for install as desired
--NOT Wired/Connected
--NO Switch Tip

*Standard Mono Jack (Chrome)
*Standard Strat Jackplate (Chrome)
*3 Pin Conductor Design
*2 Channel
*Accepts Standard 1/4” Plug
*2 Mounting Screws (Chrome)

*Choice of Screamer or Brown Bucker Bridge Humbucker (Black)
*Chrome Polepieces
*52mm Polepiece Spacing
*Ceramic Magnet on the Screamer or Alnico 5 Magnet on the Brown Bucker
*Approximately 16.9K for the Screamer & 11.7K for the Brown Bucker
*4 Wire Pickup
*2 Pickup Mounting Screws (Chrome) & Springs

*Standard Strat Single Coil (Red)
*Chrome Polepieces
*52mm Polepiece Spacing
*Ceramic Magnet
*2 Pickup Mounting Screws (Chrome) & Springs
--NOT Wired/Connected

*Double Locking OFR Trem (Chrome)
*Floyd Rose Licensed - OFR – Original Floyd Rose Style
*Adjustable Tension Mount Trem Arm
*Collared, Screw-On Style
*Top Mount R3 (43mm Nut Width) Locknut + 2 Mounting Screws
*String Retainer Bar (Chrome)
*1 Baseplate
*6 Saddles
*3 Springs
*1 Spring Retainer Claw + 2 Claw Screws
*2 Pivot Posts (1 Stud + 1 Bushing)
*2 Allen Keys/Wrenches (1 for the posts and trem arm adjustment & 1 for the saddles)
*Product Measurement Diagram Pictured

*Standard Fender Size
*Includes Matching Screws (4)

*Modern Sealed Tuners, Set of 6 (Chrome)
*6 Inline (for Right-Handed Guitars)
*Threaded Hex Bushing
*Standard String Posts
*10mm Required Peg Hole Diameter
*Mounting Hardware Included

Buyers assume all risk of use; sales are only offered to those competent to safely and lawfully purchase and use items. Please know your abilities, requirements, measurements and needs to make sure this kit will work for you.

Variability is to be expected as measurements provided are approximations. Depending on your system or set-up, modifications may be needed.

Allow and expect variation in color due to photo and monitor settings, perception, lighting, as well as natural product variance. Color descriptions indicate color, not material.

Diagrams/instructions NOT INCLUDED. Due to the vast and varied nature of possible set-ups and user expertise, we do not provide specific information for every possible installation scenario.

Installation requires soldering and compatible system. Note that we do not recommend installation using power tools as these can put too much force on the product and cause damage. Installation is best with moderate heat only (don’t have your iron too hot). Pay attention during install to avoid damage. Excessive or prolonged heat can cause irreparable damage.

Inspect your order upon receipt. We will address any issues PRIOR to installation. Installation, modification, or use in any way of any item in the kit invalidates the possibility of a return. Ask any questions regarding options, measurements, installation, requirements, special requests, etc. prior to purchase.

  • Style: Frankie Kit Package Combination Special
  • Pickguard: Specialized Prewired Pickguard
  • Color: Black Guard, Black Bridge Pickup, Red Neck Pickup
  • Features: Choice of Dragonfire Screamer or Brown Bucker
  • Type: Guitar Hobbyist Kit
  • Attribute: Includes Trem, Retainer Bar, Neckplate, Tuners, Jack, FCS Switch, Tone Knob
  • Item #: 5150

Frankie Kit - Guitar Hobby Special Combo Package

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