Deluxe TWO PIN Locking Tuners, Fender Retrofit
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Deluxe TWO PIN Locking Tuners
2 Pin Fender Retrofit Locking Tuning Keys / Tuning Pegs
Set of 6 Tuning Machine Heads
6 Inline Right Tuners ~ Choice of Colors

Set of six precision tuners with enclosed-gears and threaded hex bushings. These sealed style two-pin tuning keys are for 6 String Guitars (right-handed). Featuring a tight tolerance, these deluxe locking Schaller Style guitar tuners will work with most modern American or Mexican Fender Stats and Teles. Be sure to check the measurements below for compatibility with your set-up.

A thumbwheel on the back of the tuner controls the metal locking pin. These use a spring-loaded locking-pin to provide superior locking function. Simply pull your string through the eyelet, lock the thumbscrew down, and tune to pitch. Each tuner has two pins to retrofit Fender® Brand Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars.

*6 Piece Set
*Fits Modern 10mm Tuner Holes
*2-Pin Type
*Modern Style Tuners
*Enclosed Gear
*Sealed Lubrication
*Smooth & Secure Keys
*Locking String Posts
*No Mounting Screws Needed

*Individual Tuner Weight: 1.4oz
*Tuning Gear Ratio: 18:1
*Required Peg Hole Diameter: 10mm
*Tuner Shaft: 6mm (diameter) & 28mm (height)
*Bushing Height: 14mm
*Bushing Diameter: 6.2mm (inner), 7.5mm (outer) & 10mm (lip)
*Peg Handle Width: 18.3mm
*String Post Diameter: 6mm
*Mounting Frame: 15.2mm (height) & 21.5mm (width)
*Overall Length: 43mm
Measurements provided are approximations; variability is to be expected. Ask any questions prior to purchase.

*6 Quantity Tuning Keys
*6 Quantity Threaded Hex Bushings
*6 Quantity Washers
Nothing else is included. Additional images may be provided for reference and comparison purposes only.

Buyers assume all risk of use; sales are only offered to those competent to safely and lawfully purchase and use items.
ASK ANY QUESTIONS PRIOR TO PURCHASE. Depending on your set-up, you may require adjustment – please ask any questions before you buy.
Inspect your order upon receipt. We will address any issues PRIOR to installation.

  • Style: Two Pin Locking Tuners
  • Color: Choice of Colors - Black, Gold, Chrome
  • Fit: Fender Retrofit Strat or Tele
  • Features: Modern, Enclosed, Tight Tolerance
  • Type: Set of Six, 6 Inline Right
  • Item #: 12056

Deluxe TWO PIN Locking Tuners, Fender Retrofit 6pc, Color Choice

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