Barrel Jack
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BARREL JACK, Choice of Finish Colors
Cylinder Style Jack
Input Jack / Output Jack for Bass or Guitar

Jacks are essential components for any electric guitar and can be wired to break your circuit, disconnecting your battery signal thus helping reduce drainage and improve battery life. This three-pin jack mates with standard 1/4” plugs and will not work with non-standard guitar cables. This style of jack is tightened from the inside of the guitar.
Please check your measurements carefully for compatibility with this item. If you have an import or other non-standard instrument, you may have to enlarge your opening for installation.
Do not purchase if you have any concerns regarding your ability to successfully complete installation.

*Mono Style Jack
*3 Pin Conductor Design
*Single Channel
*Long Threaded Barrel
*Accepts 1/4” Plug
*Pre-Installed Washer & Nut
*3 Terminals / Poles / Lugs (1 Hot & 2 Grounds)

*Overall Length: 39mm (without pins) & 48mm (incl. pins)
*Thread Length: 32mm
*Overall Diameter (Mounting Hole Required): 12mm
*Input Lip Diameter (Cord Input): 15.5mm
*Mounting Nut Diameter: 12mm (inner) 14.5mm (outer)
*Washer Diameter: 12mm (inner) & 17mm (outer)
Measurements provided are approximations; variability is to be expected. Ask any questions prior to purchase.

*1 Jack
*1 Standard Rubber Washer
*1 Hex Mounting Nut
Nothing else is included. Additional images may be provided for reference and comparison purposes only.

Please check your instrument and set-up needs carefully to see if this item will work for you.
Buyers assume all risk of use; sales are only offered to those competent to safely and lawfully purchase and use items.
ASK ANY QUESTIONS PRIOR TO PURCHASE. Instructions for installation are NOT INCLUDED or provided.
Inspect your order upon receipt; we pledge to address any issues PRIOR to installation.

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BARREL JACK, Cylinder Style Jack ~ Choice of Colors

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