Active 85A SA SA HSS Alnico Pickup Set, Black
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Brand New Dragonfire Active 85A/SA/SA HSS Alnico Pickup Set. Your choice of colors.

Set of 3, one 85A Humbucker and 2 SA Single Coils based on the EMG 85 and EMG SA set for less than half the cost!

Bridge Pickup (the 85A) - based on the EMG 85A, the 85A uses an alnico magnet for that warm tone. Great for rock and blues, this pickup also delivers great clean tone. Warmer and not as harsh as the 81C.

SA Series Single Coils - the perfect match for the middle and neck positions. Single coil swagger without the noise! Get that warm vintage strat tone. Great for a Fat Strat setup. Perfect for blues, rock, and country.

The Dragonfire Active Alnico Pickup 85A/SA/SA Set comes with the following: one black 85A, two black SA Series Single Coils, one battery clip, one stereo input jack, three - 25k pots for the best tone, six black mounting screws, six mounting springs, and a 1.0 tone cap. Famous tone and power that only active pickups can deliver. Wiring Instructions are included.

Save your money, get the same tones for less than half the cost of the EMG Active set!

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Active 85A SA SA HSS Alnico Pickup Set, Your Choice of Colors

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