1V1T One Pickup Wiring Harness ~ CTS Precision Audio 1 Vol. 1 Tone Prewired
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1V1T One Pickup Wiring Harness

CTS 1 Volume 1 Tone Prewired Harness
1 Pickup Prewired Electric Guitar Wiring Harness
Pre-Wired Harness ~ Choice of Pot Style, Switchcraft Jack
1 CTS Volume Control Pot + 1 CTS Tone Control Pot
Includes Professional Series Switch Craft Mono Jack

Item Description
These hand-wired harnesses are customized just for you and work well with most One Humbucker (or other One Pickup) Systems. We offer many style and upgrade options as well as typical replacements in standard and left-handed made-to-order wire harness versions so you can tailor your choices to take your playing to new levels. Each harness is unique and, based on your selections as well current component stock on hand, may vary in appearance from the sample product images. Since we wire to order, we can accommodate many styles and preferences. Message us; we’re happy to answer any questions.

This harness features CTS Precision Style large pots (quarter size) with long shaft for body mounting. If you are going through a guard or have a unique set-up, you may need additional nuts or washers (sold separately). These pots work with most fine-knurled, 24-spline style knobs (sold separately). Audio Taper (“A” pot) or Linear Taper (“B” pot) and your choice of OHM styles are available.

Our tone capacitors help produce balanced bass, middle, and treble and will work with most single coils and humbuckers. This harness includes one Sprague Orange Drop (Round Case/Axial Style, aka Cornell Dubilier) tone cap. Choose from a variety of mfd measurements: 0.1uF (usually paired with 25K pots / active pickups), 0.022uF (most often paired with 250K pots), 0.033uF (used for many different set-ups, including LPs) or 0.047uF (usually used with 500K pots). If you prefer, we also offer the option to choose a Paper in Oil (Round Case/Axial Style aka Black Bee) Style of Tone Cap.

A professional series Switchcraft Mono Jack open-frame, 2-pin conductor style jack is included with each harness for superior jack performance; this jack requires a 10mm mounting hole and tightens to your jack plate (sold separately). A Stereo Jack open-frame style jack is an option and requires a 9mm mounting hole; this jack tightens to your jack plate (sold separately). Another option is our Barrel Jack cylinder style; this jack requires a 12mm mounting hole and tightens from the inside of your guitar. These jacks work with standard cables only and accept standard ¼” plugs.

Soldering is required for installation. We provide basic instructions posted in the item images, not sent as a hard copy with your order, to show the connection points from your pickup you’ll need to solder. Please know your abilities/requirements and check your measurements/needs carefully to see if this item will work for your set-up as no other diagrams or instructions are included. Before you complete your purchase, be sure to refer to the Control Pot, Tone Cap and Jack product pages for detailed measurements and additional product information to determine if your selected options will fit for your needs (size, mounting method/requirements, style, etc.). Ask any questions before you buy.

*Single Pickup Replacement Harness
*1 Split Shaft Volume Pot
*1 Split Shaft Tone Pot
*1 Switchcraft Jack (or as selected)
*8” Insulated Wire Length (approximately)
*Lefty Option Available

*Pot Shaft Length: 18mm
*Pot Dimensions: 24mm (diameter) & 31mm (overall height)
*Pot Requirements: 10mm (hole diameter) & 12mm (cavity depth)
*Overall Switchcraft Jack Length: 13.4mm (without pins) & 31mm (including pins)
*Overall Switchcraft Jack Diameter (Mounting Hole Required): 10mm
Measurements provided are approximations; variability is to be expected. Ask any questions prior to purchase.

*1 Wiring Harness
Nothing else is included. Additional images may be provided for reference and comparison purposes only. There are no hard copy instructions or diagrams included. Basic directions are provided in the product images.

OPTIONAL ADDITIONS (Further Customize Your Harness!)
The Kill Switch Wiring Option allows you to kill the signal to the amp using an on-off, two-way SPST toggle style mini-switch. The shaft diameter is roughly 5.85mm so you’ll need a 6mm hole (1/4” bit).

The Treble Bleed Volume Kit wiring modifier addresses the loss of high-end signal when turning down your volume pot. You’ll be able to keep more of your highs while maintaining volume adjustability. This wiring option allows a more constant tone throughout the range of your volume pot and helps remove the dark muddiness typically experienced in the lower volume pot settings.

The Series Parallel wiring option incorporates on-on, two-way DPST toggle style mini-switches – one for each humbucker. The switch shaft diameter is roughly 5.85mm so you’ll need a 6mm hole (1/4” bit) for each. This wiring mod can be added to any humbucker harness and gives you the ability to flip your humbucker between series/parallel.

Add an Onboard Effects (OBFX) to expand your playing and get more nuance out of every session. Be sure to check out the OBFX product pages for details about these circuits and what they can do for your set-up. Adding an OBFX takes the place of one Tone Pot (replacement pot).
*BCU: Active Circuit OBFX, BCU Band Control Unit Tone Shaper / Expander
*EXP: Active Circuit OBFX, EXP ~ Expand to Peak Controller Tone Expander Control
*QDD2: Active Circuit OBFX, QDD2 Quadra Channel Sound Driver / Overdrive Quad Distortion Driver
*QTB: Active Circuit OBFX, QTB ~ Quadra Tone Booster Driver
*TBX: OBFX, TBX ~ Treble Bass Expander Control by Fender(C)
*VTC: Active Circuit OBFX, VTB/VTC Tone Expander / Overdrive for Tone Control

Buyers assume all risk of use; sales are only offered to those competent to safely and lawfully purchase and use items.
ASK ANY QUESTIONS PRIOR TO PURCHASE. Due to the vast and varied nature of possible set-ups, we do not provide specific information for every possible installation scenario. The provided BASIC instructions (posted in the item images, not sent as a hard copy with your order) will get you started. Depending on your set-up, you may require adjustment – please ask any questions before you buy if the posted instructions are not sufficient for your install or if you are unsure of your needs or ability to make modifications (if needed) for your unique situation.
Inspect your order upon receipt. We will address any issues PRIOR to installation.

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1V1T One Pickup Wiring Harness ~ CTS Precision 1Vol1TonePrewired

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